Royal hotell

1940 – 1945


We have created completely unique frames for your next event. The concept is well suited to conferences and/or party evenings.

Our concepts consist of the following:

– When the event starts, Petra (actor) welcomes and performs a monologue.
We then show a film that takes about 2 minutes in which the same person has the main role. Parts of our strong history are conveyed here.

– The soldier Petterøe who was to be executed also comes by and tells about his dramatic meeting with Narvik and the Royal Hotel. In this context, we also show one of our film clips.

– Petra is available for a monologue related to lunch or dinner where she tells about our 100-year food history.

– You also get the opportunity to test our VR glasses

War historical events

The Royal Hotel in Narvik was inaugurated on the 21th of January 1939, as one of Norway’s most modern hotels. Among the guests who arrived during the first year, there were not only business travelers and tourists.
Both England and Germany had plans to invade Norway and Narvik in order to gain control over the iron ore shipping from the Swedish mines. Obtaining information was important, and by the turn of the year 1939/40, both nations had their consuls in place in the city.

The British sent a former naval officer, Mr. Gibbs, while the German vice-consul was named Wussow. The German was apparently alone, while Gibbs had three English officers with him. All stayed at the Royal Hotel, from where they regularly reported to their governments.

A number of interesting people worked or were guests at the Royal Hotel during the Second World War.

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